The Forster Guarantee

Forster Physical Therapy has been voted "Best of LA" in Los Angeles Magazine for good reason. We are experienced, compassionate and extremely committed to getting you back to the things you love to do. We will not only fully rehabilitate your injury but find the cause and correct that as well. We will work with you to achieve your lifestyle goals and make you better than you were before!


Forster Physical Therapy is the leader in the field of sports Physical Therapy, conditions of the Spine and Water Rehabilitation. Our professional staff has over 100 years of combined experience. We have successfully treated nearly every injury imaginable and have real experience in getting you back as quickly as possible. Our rehabilitation programs have been honed over 31 years treating the general population and elite athletes alike.

Results Driven Physical Therapy Programs

Our work with elite athletes (we have helped U.S. athletes win 32 Olympic medals, Grand Slam and NBA Championships and set numerous World Records) has provided essential experience in the results driven proving grounds of highly competitive sports. Finely tuned athletes respond quickly to Physical Therapy interventions and provide us the confidence to stay the course of treatment with our general population as well. We have proven what works and what doesn’t and you will benefit from our experience to achieve higher levels of fitness and function then before your injury. Additionally, we have been appointed the Strength and Conditioning Coaches for Bob Kersee's Olympic Athlete Program, Pepperdine University Track and Field and Cross Country Team as well as Santa Monica High School Wrestling, State Champion Boy's Soccer, and Volleyball teams

Working with our sister company, Phase IV Scientific Health and Performance Center, also located in Santa Monica, our therapists have the ability (after you complete rehabilitation) to evaluate all aspects of your health and fitness. Our rehabilitation program is divided into four phases with Phase IV dedicated to using science to improve your overall health, fitness and well being. We will assess and analyze your strength and flexibility, current level of metabolic conditioning, dietary needs and exercise technique and develop a comprehensive program for you to create the body and lifestyle of your dreams.

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The Guarantee

We will make you better than you were before. If at anytime you relapse after you have completed rehabilitation with us for a specific injury we will re-evaluate that injury for free and find a way to get you back on track. We stand behind our work!