As Seen on NBC News - Conquering The Fit But Fat Syndrome

Have you experienced a Monday morning bloat after a weekend of great workouts and you look in the mirror and see a pudgy, bloated you and the scale says you've gained a pound or two for all your hard workouts over the weekend?

The "Fit But Fat" Syndrome is attributable to improper training schedules and the
hormonal havoc that ensues! The intensity, frequency and how you schedule change into your workouts all work to properly modulate the stress hormone Cortisol.

Watch the NBC News Piece on Phase IV's revolutionary approach to Conquering The Fit But Fat Syndrome.

NBC Nightly News
Robert Forster, PT and Phase IV featured on NBC with Dr. Bruce Hensel's piece on "Conquering The Fit But Fat Syndrome"
Watch it here: Fit But Fat