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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

Although it is commonly thought carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition born from long hours spent working on a computer keyboard, it is actually most often a result of an accumulation of stress from a variety of common repetitive movements.

Treating Common Injuries and Inflictions

Cervical Spine Injuries

What is neck pain? What causes neck pain?

Pain located in the neck is a common orthopedic condition. Neck pain can originate from a number structures in the neck, such as a degenerative disc between the bony vertebrae, the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the neck and upper back. These structures can be damaged from trauma such as a fall or whiplash, or more commonly from chronic postural stress from poor sitting postures at the desk, in the car and in bed.

What are other symptoms that are associated with neck pain?

Sharapova's Road to Recovery

There is no greater buzz kill to a tournament director, TV executive, tour official, and fan than a marquee player missing a tournament due to an injury - for the player it’s a living nightmare.

Shin Splints

What are Shin Splints?

The term shin splints is commonly used for pain in the front or sides of the lower leg. It is typically an overuse injury which means one's activity level outpaces their body's ability to recover and repair tissues damaged from use. If shin splints are not dealt with they can lead to a stress fracture in the shin bone.

What are the causes?

Your Physical Health

Treating Common Injuries and Inflictions

Each month our expert Physical Therapists at Forster Physical Therapy will outline home and clinical treatment methods for treating common injuries and inflictions. With over 30 years of experience in treating active people and athletes of all abilities, FPT's highly credentialed staff has helped thousands get back on their feet and enjoying the active, healthy lifestyle they desire.

Lumbar Spine:

What is a low back strain or lumbar sprain?

Tips of the Month


  • Stretching will improve flexibility - which means you are less apt to become injured
  • Will prepare muscles for a workout - "a tight muscle is an inefficient muscle"
  • Help recovery after a workout - flushes waste product and lactic acid from the muscle which will make you less sore
  • Improved Biomechanics - range of motion will improve in joints which will improve efficiency
  • Tissue Adaptation - will promote strength and growth of tendons around your joints to make you less injury prone
  • Elite Rehab: Physical Therapy for Superathletes

    Working with elite athletes can be challenging and time-consuming, say experienced PTs who have worked with this patient cohort, yet helping rehabilitate these finely tuned physical specimens is rewarding far beyond the marketing value they bring.